Dec 24, 2010

Những Ngày xưa thân ái,..

He and You all are in Vietnam's loyal and pure heart forever. 
So, Go back soon, Do you hear Me?
BBC via viet-studies

The time to do 2 things:
1/ To realize: Who is Chinese  in fact
2/ To force the Chinese to know their place .
For those who already did, The question now is, has Tokyo (and we all from East Asia) done enough?
It's vitally important because '....China, it seems, is becoming so powerful that it is in a position to exert pressure on almost all countries to do its bidding...', guys.
Spitting on  Darwin and the rest of science, Obama hoped on that: a wolf - in some condition - can turn into a man.
In short, guys: On 'Obama's Foreign Policy at Midterm' we see ones setbacks in main directions:
1/ East Asia and Pacific: Obama should focus on US allies and  friends instead to watch on Chinese ass.
2/ Middle East: He hasn't get new attitude
3/ Central Asia: He can do nothing against evil triangle (what is creating as I said) Iran-Beijing-Moscow
4/ Africa: by the end of his term, there people will speak in Mandarin only.
Besides, we must remember that: China's all rogues-friends are brutal, but also far savvier and rational than we might think.
But it isn't the worst, guys, Michael J. Green & Daniel M. Kliman warn: Chinese are destined to be against the Humanity. 
It seems, After recent deal, India is no longer to be useful to Russia: '....Russia is an economy overly dependent on oil, gas and mineral exports. India's appetite for such minerals is a fraction of, say, a China's or Japan's....'. So, please think of what I said, 'poets' from India.
Singh knows that the days for singing Russian songs are over.
And we’d be much better off as a nation if more people had the courage to say “Don't bullshit me”
There is no fool who won't  understand why Chinese welcome T. Barnett's 'Grand Death'
After almost 20 years of the collapse of the Soviet, '... Moscow has taken a decisive turn toward Asia, where Russia practically never existed as a regional strategic factor...' rather as either China's kitchen or Iran-Batman's Robin. 

Whatever Chinese wolves try, The Sun to rise at the East only, guys.
Don't kid yourselves, guys:
1/ Russians don't know the such concept as 'unstable economy' because its economy is so simple:  to sell raw materials to China.
2/ Russians - in the same extent - don't know what's  'political crisis' because its politics is simple too (as I said): Kleptocracy.
And you know: there is no unemployed among Kleptocrats 
The bhai bhai just means only thing: there is only 2 years to war.
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'phản ảnh chân thực những suy nghĩ, trăn trở, tìm tòi..'

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